Stay Ahead,

No Matter What Advances FDM Technology Makes, We'll make sure that you're good to go,
Let it be a Complex Polymer printing at 400°C, A Chocolate at 40°C or if you plan to extrude Gel, An Upgrade Kit is all you need , Which can be as cheap as 10% of the Product's Cost

Starting From 249$ per Kit

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What does we Exactly mean by Upgradable?

3D printing is a rapidly growing industry and improvements are being made everyday to make each and every part of it a much easier and convenient experience. but because of this rapid development and constantly changing upgrades and updates we always get stuck on constantly buying new hotends for a new minor feature or for a new look or deciding whether we should choose an option 'A' or 'B' ,where each of which have a feature which the other one can't have or a price tag that you don't want to pay for a little thing.
When you buy our 1st gen Hotend we assure you that no matter what type of advancement FDM technology makes, you are always good to go with your old hotend with just 1 additional upgrade kit which can as cheap as 10% of the total product's Cost. So you'll be enjoying the latest trend in the industry without paying for a whole new hotend While the dimension and size of your hotend will still be same, so that you don't have redesign your mount or have to compromise with reduced print area.
Boltz R&D™'s 1st Gen Hotend also features multiple mounting Holes so that you can mount your own upgrade or an additional accessory in a much rigid and easy way plus these can be used as mounting points for our future mods.
So No matter which material you would be printing is next 5 years whether silicone muscles at 50*C or a complex plastic filament at 1100*C (up to 1300*C). We will make sure that you are good to go.(up to 1300*C).
Some Planned Mods-
1. Gel extruding Kit
2. Color Blend Mod
3. Ultra High Temperature Mod
4. Aaer Mod (Enhanced Air Cooling Mod)
5. PTFE Mod
6. Intelli Mod (We are keeping this thing a secret until we file patents.)
and much more to count on.
Our Hotend Also features other amazing features but we have decided to keep them a secret until the launch.

Awesome Features

Low Effective Costs

Rather than buying and changing hotends months after months, all you need to do is to buy an Upgrade for fractional Cost.

Integrated Heartbeat LED

Keep Track of Every detail of your Printer's Every Action with an integrated notification LED.

Multi Material

Our Stock Hotend Supports Color Blending for Upto 4 Filaments

Supports High Temperatures

Our Stock Hotend Supports temperatures upto 600°C, and upto 1300°C with an Upgrade Kit.

Liquid Cooled

Liquid Cooling Ensures That you'll never clog your Hotend again, even when printing with thermally conductive filaments.

Customizable and Upgradable

Make it look your's, by Customizing it with different front panels, functionality upgrades and aesthetics upgrades

And a lot more

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