The SmartPrintCoreH7x

Empowering Makers: Open-Source 3D Printing Reimagined

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The Open Source 3D Printer Mainboard

A Robust, High-Power Mainboard for Unmatched Reliability and Ease of Use

The SmartPrintCoreH7x

One Board to Rule them All

The SmartPrintCoreH7x combines strategically tailored robust power design with the powerful STM32H723 MCU and Special Lock In connectors to offer unparalleled control for both hobbyists and professionals. Embrace the freedom of its open-source design to customize and enhance your 3D printing experience. Discover innovation and practicality with the SmartPrintCoreH7x.

Molex and JST-GH Locking Connectors

Screwdriverless Instant Reliable connections, so you don't have to worry about connectivity when printing at high speeds, for the longest durations.

Single Connector Input

For Hassle free power Input

Highly Efficient and precise TI Voltage Regulators

Independent(3) 5V:10A(SBC), 5V:5A(Periph), and 12V:5A(Periph) Buck Converters To deliver power precisely, wherever and whenever it is needed.

STM32H723 based Design

So that you can populate all the ports, all at the same time, and hit print and forget.

Minimal Setup

Tired of solving jumper Puzzles? SmartPrintCoreH7X is ready to run with as minimal as 2 Jumper Setting.

Theramlly Efficient Design

With Bucks Operating at more than 90% efficiency and High Power Low Rds(on) MOSFETs.


Use Boltz R&D's Open source expansion boards to add more and more hardware features on the go.

5+1 Stepper Design

5+1 Onboard (Open/Closed loop)Stepper Ports, expandable on the go.

Advanced Power management

No More setting jumpers to select power sources

Klipper and Marlin Compatible

and that Ladies and Gentlemen makes us ready for the future

Open Source

Licenced under CC-BY-SA 4.0 and made with KiCAD, to make sure every one of us can modify the design to suit our specific needs.


And So Much More

tailored for the community


Heater Ports


Input Compatible


Fan Ports


Motor Ports


Servo Ports


5V 10A Shared Supply Ports

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Discover what the world have to say about SmartPrintCoreH7x

Vanesa Listek, 3DPrint
Vanesa Listek, 3DPrint

"It combines high performance with customization capabilities, making it a significant leap forward for the 3D printing community."

Made With KiCad, KiCad
Made With KiCad, KiCad

"Dive into the heart of innovation with SmartPrintCoreH7x"


INDIAdditive, LinkedIn

"भारतीय स्टार्टअप ओपन सोर्स 3डी प्रिंटर मेनबोर्ड स्मार्टप्रिंटकोरH7x प्रस्तुत करता है"

"Die leistungsstarke, hochgradig anpassbare Elektronik soll sowohl Hobbyanwendern als auch Profis eine hervorragende Druckerfahrung ermöglichen"

Frequently asked questions

to get started on the board

How do I get started?

Getting started is easy! Simply go to and explore the design

How to buy SmartPrintCoreH7x?

As of now there are two ways to get a board for yourself, you can either download the production files from our GitHub, and choose your favorite fab service to get it manufactured, or you can contact us at to get it without any hassle.

What's the approximate Costs?

Depending upon the manufacturing quantity and component sourcing management, the DIY board builds costs as cheap as 85$ when manufactured and sourced from JLC and LCSC, and can go up to 150 when sourced from local authorised distributors, and can cost up to 270$ when sourced from digikey and mouser and manufactured locally for 2-10 Boards

Can I sell your design ?

Absolutely, you can commercialize and modify the design as per your convenience, just follow the License CC-BY-SA 4.0, for distribution and commercialization and give proper credits for the same.

Can I remix the design to create a derevative design


I am stuck in integration, How can I get help ?

The Quickest way to get help is using our discord server, and highlighting your issue there, or you can also email us directly at

How Can I Contribute?

You can directly raise issues and contribute with fixes or enhancements on our github repository, you can also join our discord server to help fellow users.

I have a feature request

You can directly raise feature requests and/or contribute with design enhancements on our github repository, you can also join our discord server to get everyone's feedback.